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Club Photo Album Page 2
Nostalgia Super Stock Association

Hard Days Night

Hard Days Night - 1963 Plymouth Savoy 2 Door Sedan, 426 Max Wedge owned and driven by John Rousset a pipefitter from Columbia, MO.
Best run 10.37 at 128 MPH. John shifts at 6200 RPMs.

Koke Machine

Koke Machine - 1963 Dodge 2 Door, 446 Dodge owned and driven by Bob Kokenes.
Best run 9.95 ET at 132 MPH.

Never Too Late

Never Too Late - 1964 Plymouth Savoy 426 Max Wedge owned and driven by Doug Henderson, owner of Henderson Oil Company from Columbia, MO.
Best ET 1/4 mi. 10.72 at 124 MPH.

Rompin Redskin

Rompin Redskin - 1963 Catalina 421 SD owned and driven by the President of the Nostalgia Super Stock Association and maintenance manager for American Lock Company from Crete, IL.
Best ET 1/4 mi. 9.99 at 135 MPH, 1/8 mi. 6.34 at 108 MPH.

1966 427 Fairlane: Owned by Mike Cicciarelli of Brownsburg, IN.  Mike
was also born in 1966, and has owned the car since he was 15.  The car
has an original 2X4 "tunnel-wedge" intake and 4-speed transmission.  The
car leaves the line at 7600 rpm.  Mike works as an engineer on an Indy
car team.