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Club Photo Album
Nostalgia Super Stock Association

Asphalt Elephant

Asphalt Elephant - 1962 Dodge Dart owned and driven by Tom Ponder, a retired home builder from West Chicago, IL. Who re-entered drag racing at the age of 59 after being away from the sport for 30 years
Best Run 9.48 ET at 141 MPH. 60' times 1.30
After 9 years of racing,Tom is ready to retire from racing and follow other retirement activities. Car and trailer are for sale.

The Black Max

The Black Max - 1964 Plymouth Savoy 426 Max Wedge - owned and driven by Mike Swanson, a mechanic for Southwestern Bell Telephone from Columbia, MO.
Best run 10.39 ET at 129.5 MPH. Mike shifts at 6500 RPMs.

Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past - 1962 Pontiac 2-door sedan, 440ci Pontiac "Dyno" 790 HP, owned and driven by Larry Quinn, CEO of Prairieland Development, LLC from Springfield, IL
Best run 10.03 ET at 134 MPH. Larry shifts at 8400 RPMs.

Faded Memories

Faded Memories - 1963 Chevy Bel Air - 2 Door Sedan, 409 Chevy, owned and driven by Dave Campbell, a General Motors retiree from Kearney, MO.
Best ET 1/4 mi. 10.46 at 125 MPH, 1/8 mi.6.57 at 102 MPH.